Saturday, July 12, 2003

oh my gosh oh my gosh!!!!! you will never, in a MILLION years guess where I went last night.


I'll give you a hint.

it was a concert.

it was at our brand spankin new amphitheater (outdoor venues are the only way to go).

it was a blast from the past.

and had i but only known that i would be not in the front row, but pressed against the fence thingy with nothing between me and the stage but a couple of security guards.....well, i would've dressed a bit sluttier, that's for sure. and why? cuz it would've been fun. and because as it turns out, there was one damn good reason (i'll let you in on that later).

are you ready???

that's right.

Skid Row (minus Sebastian bach, so kinda what's the point, but the dude sounds just like him and it was pretty good playing)
Vince Neal (minus the rest of Motley Crue)
Poison!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dude.

I mean, seriously!!! it kicked ass. i was whisked back to junior high with the first blast from the amps......

reasons to dress sluttily?

Well, Jason Hook is not only one hell of a guitarist, but as you'll see, he's a bit hot. (moreso up close and personal, trust me)... and i got a guitar pick!!! woo hoo!!! Poor chubby Vince, not so hot. but it was still fucking cool to see every red vein in his bloodshot eyes. "that's fucking Vince Neal!" Motley Crue was my favorite hair band. sigh. Vince actually tossed a pick directly at me, but i can't catch worth a shit so I didn't, but my brother in law did (he ended up with 4 different guys' picks)...

At least Brett is still keeping it together. (sooo hot, want to touch the hiney). Poison put on a pretty good show, with CeCe Deville still bringing it, after all these years...only one bra got thrown, but several pairs of tits were flashed, and there were a couple of sluts on stage, off to the side who kept kissing and the one in the little short skirt kept spreading her legs and flashing her husband and his brother especially enjoyed that portion of the was the best freakin' time i've had in a long time. just pure fun. met some good, solid mullet wearing working class folk. seriously. where else can a Harvard MBA (the bro in law) share the same exhilaration as a dude who's excitedly asking the security guards how he could get a job like in, the security guard's job...good stuff. 7 dollar beers, skanky chicks, mullet men. how can you beat that?? And the best part is, we walked up to the first scalper we saw and he had 6 tickets all in a row (dudes usually have singles) and they were in the tenth row. yes, yes. i know who was performing. it's not like it was, uh, who's popular now? um, brittney the slut, or, um damn, i'm old. i can only think of bands that aren't very popular because they're too, you get the picture. anyway, those were the closest seats i'd ever had, and from there it was easy to just slide on up to the stage. super sweet. which is WHY i was regretting my cute but conservative outfit. i mean jeez. i tried on this slutty little shirt that gives me some amazing cleavage, but i decided against it because i figured we'd be in the back somewhere and who cares if you look slutty for that? oh yeah, and AS IF IT WOULD HAVE MATTERED!!! i mean, who am i kidding???? it's not like i was gonna get picked to go backstage and even if by some bizarre fluke i did, it's not like i would have known what the fuck to do. which is why i didn't dress like that to begin with (in other words, i'm so far from being in the frame of mind where such things could occur) and it's also why they would have never picked me--no matter how great i was looking. they know what to look for...that look of pure sexuality in the eye...and i'm just a content little housewife....what a bizarre lifestyle they live.

OOOOH! and the best part is that bro in law brought his cell phone which just happens to be one of those nifty little camera phones!! so he got some pretty cool pictures of the hot guitarist for me and i would imagine some others that i don't give a shit about because he was the hottest. seriously. he was stationed right in front of me for the most part, i mean they did the trading places, wandering around shit somewhat but his home base was right in front of me. yum. also, this brings to mind something someone once said.....i am fuckiing pathetic!!!

oh baby love that starz free preview weekend on my dish!! just stumbled upon About a Boy, which has to be one of my all time favorite movies and then, as it ended i checked the guide and you'll never guess what just started.. Lord of the Rings--Fellowship. so i'll have that on in the background as i do all my other stuff, and i can steal glimpses of The's a good day to be alive. even if it is going to be over 100 degrees again today. blah. it was 108 yesterday. faaack. did i sign up for this??? oh yeah, let's not forget the warm winters. AND the fact that my house and cars are air conditioned, so who really gives a shit??? well, except that i really like going OUTside in the summer, magine that...oh well. i can go marinate in the kids pool...oh goodness, our little Frodo just got whisked off on horseback by Liv Tyler, so i better go get ready for my first look at the beautiful one.......ride, girlie ride!!

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