Tuesday, July 15, 2003

well here we are. this is my last night in my own house, my own bed. it's strange...as excited as i am for this trip, i'm also feeling very homesick for my husband and house already! trust me, that's a good thing based on how i was feeling when i originally booked the trip. I am ready to go, though. every last detail accounted for. oops. except i left my camera at my brother's house on Sunday and i haven't retrieved it yet. dammit. i could always buy a disposable when i get there, but i love my digital........dammit. well, everything but that is taken care of. and i have some great entertainment for the kidlets on the plane...and snacks of interesting varieties....keep breathing. it'll be fine. also, my carry on is the size of a small RV. lord have mercy on my shoulders. it weighs about 435.6 pounds too. erg. The good--no GREAT--news is that my sweet lil Dad has agreed to let me drive his Cadillac while I'm there!!! which spares me from being stuck with a green metro with two doors, no AC, no power locks....yes, i'm spoiled. but thank goodness my parents are the ones who started it so they're prepared to carry on the tradition!! it has a CD player, too. the only drawback is no eating in the car but i'll adjust...that's such a time saver with the midgets, but it'll be okay.

I can't believe I'm going to see people so soon!! My dear, lifelong friends. It'll be good. It'll feel too good, in fact, like it always does...and I'll have a hard time leaving. I belong there. I fit there. Here? Naaaah, not so much. Besides that, two of my only close friends here are going to be gone (for good!!)when i get back. fuck that. I hate this place enough without being abandoned. =) do you like my drama?

Okay, wish me (and mostly the other passengers on my flight) good luck. It'll probably be a couple of days before I post again, but it's hard to tell. I'm even bringing this stupid laptop so that's another reason my carryon has to be so big and heavy. stupid airline employees--why can't they just NOT steal things????? okay, so a laptop wouldn't survive all that jostling anyway, but still. i had 50 CD's stolen from checked luggage once. as well as several of my sexiest bras. cocksuckers.

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