Thursday, July 03, 2003

well, what do you know? it's Independence Day again! That means only ten days until my litter's birthday. that reminds me. there are two people i can blame for my twin pregnancy--besides my husband and myself, because really what fun is that??? first there's my mom. isn't our parents' fault? but seriously--whenever i would babysit for 2 or 3 or 4 kids when i was a young teenager and come home exhausted and frustrated and say, "how do people do it? how can they handle having more than one child? there's so much to do!" she would say soothingly, as is her wont, "Lisa, remember, they come one at a time, so you have a chance to get to know each one before another one is born." they come one at a time, do they, MOM??? (insert picture of me miltantly flipping off the sweetest woman on earth). Thanks for the jinx, lady. and the other person i'd like to thank, i mean BLAME is my friend becky. when i told her i was preggers she brought me a card with a dog feeding it's litter on the front and the inside said "hope you drop a litter! congratulations!" well thanks. really. she actually knew i was having twins before i did, if you can believe THAT shit. she saw them on the ultra sound monitor (went for one at 8 weeks because i'd had irregular periods so we had no way of guessing my due date) and the nurse chick didn't tell me about it until ten minutes later when i was dressed. guess she thought it would be better for me to pee my pants than to pee all over the table....and i did squeal rather loudly. anywho. just reflecting on the glory days--which were full of joyful anticipation instead of exhaustion.....nah, life is good. my little rugrats are at the best stage yet. speak of the devils, they're needing me. happy fireworks and parade day, everyone!!!!!!!

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