Thursday, July 10, 2003

well, i saw Pirates of the Carribean last night. And maybe i'm a lame old follower, but i freaking LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! besides the fact that the two leading men are two of my favorites to look at, listen to,, wait, not that last part (what with the restraining order and all...) it was really enjoyable. and like i said in my comment, waaaaaaaaay too little sex. i know, i know. it's disney. it's pg 13. but why? they could easily have thrown in some steamy love scenes and slapped an R on there and then i would've had the theater to myself because here in mormon ville even adults don't watch R rated movies. silliness.

Before the movie starts, before the previews start, they show those little movie trivia thingies and they flashed one about Collin Farrel. first of all. i just had an orgasm from typing his name. he is a steamy love scene in a can. anyway, he has this rep for being a party boy and now it all makes sense: he's an Aries. also, could explain why i'm more attracted to him than any other celebrity. when i was single, i went on a run of dating Aries men. i kept wondering why it was such torture (but soooooo worth it!!!!) and i stumbled across one of those which sign should you date sort of thingies and it said in flashing neon: geminis and aries do not mix well. and some other stuff explaining why, which i've mostly forgotten cuz it was at least 6 years ago, and who cares, etc. kay. forget what i said. i just checked out the aries gemini hookup on that site i just linked and it's singing a different song than whatever i read way back when. hmmm...could this mean astrology is a crock of shit? nah. i refuse to believe that. even if it's true.

speaking of my fetish for high school's one who writes a blog i like (the blog not the boy, please--i'm married now, and besides, it was kind of cool to date a 17 year old when i was 21 but now it would just be a little icky. that's a good story, though, i'll tell ya sometime. long hair, pot smokin, guitar playin god damn aries. )

dude. 5 more days in this dear little home of mine which i love and hate at the same time. and then i'll be so far east of the mississippi that they call pennsylvannia "out west"!!! (whereas here people have the fucking nerve to consider ohio as "back east"???)

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