Saturday, July 26, 2003

had a very interesting night last night. went to see my friend's little brother play in a band--which was fantastic!! and spent time with some friends who i haven't seen in a long time and it was just really really fun. also, i looked great--which is my favorite thing in the world!! um. what else? oh yeah, the girlfriend of a guy friend of mine was there. she doesn't like me much, but i said hi, etc...actually i ended up rambling about stupid, stupid shit and saying some really dumb stuff about her ex/child custody issues (she was in town to talk to her lawyer about those things) and i felt really silly after. i guess i was nervous and when i'm nervous i always end up kissing too much ass and ending up sounding really idiotic. oh well. don't really care. however, the guy friend is someone i haven't talked to in a couple of months and it made me want to drop him a hello, but i don't think i will. she also spent the whole evening talking to some guy and left there with him, walking all the way down main st (cuz we passed them on our way to denny's for the post show binge fest of greezy food). anyway. doesn't matter. i had sooooo much fun. my friend who has a sailboat was there and he passed along the sad news that his boat is not in the water this year cuz he's been too busy. sad sad. it was good to see him though. and my friend J ended up talking to some ex con dude all night. can't wait to hear the details on THAT!!

me and my 3 hours of sleep are going to head to the beach. I LOVE SAND!!!!!!!

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