Wednesday, July 23, 2003

just a quick post tonight.

hmm. that's a strange way to start and now i can't think of something quick to say. Um.

i need some lobster. i've been here for a whole week and nary a lobster in sight. can't sneeze without hitting about 453 lobster fishermen but are they toting the little varmints around, handing them out like candy at a parade? No. and what i'd like to know is WHY THE FUCK NOT??? I mean, really. I'm needy, here, people, come on! I should sit at the wharf and beg...or at least wear a skanky outfit and bat my eyes. that would probably work better. not that i don't have plenty of family who'd chuck some my way if i made a call, but...i don't make calls.

Soooooo.......blah blah blah. Ever heard of MBNA--you probably have at least one of their credit cards...anyway, they have several huge call centers and a corporate office here in Penobscot Bay and everyone complains about them, but they've done nothing but give higher paying jobs to people and pour money into the community--in my hometown for example, they turned the old sardine factory section of the harbor into a beautiful boardwalk with a nice playground and landscaping, etc, not to mention putting in several beautiful buildings in place of some major eye sores and raising the property value for that entire section of town--which made for higher property taxes so the people complained, but let's not forget they could sell for twice what they paid for the damn house! erg. silly folks. anyway, i've always been a strong supporter of the changes they brought. one of their buildings even opened a restaurant and a pub which was the only classy, mature, clean, quiet place to have a beer around here. They chose to close it down a few monthes ago. i now abhor them with the fire and depth of hell. may they all get scurvy and halitosis. (hey, i'm not stupid--i'm not about to mess with my karma by wishing them real harm!)

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