Tuesday, July 08, 2003

soooo....one week from tomorrow is blast off. i have an army of butterflies in my stomach...but i'm trying to ignore them. anyway, whether the flight is hell on wings or gives me a peaceful easy feeling, it'll be over in under 5 hours, so i need to just quit worrying. 5 hours is nothing. that's like, not even a full day of work...that's watching 2 or 3 movies...that's nothing. ooh! and i just found out that our airport DOES have a blockbuster so i'll rent one of those t-rific little DVD players and maybe my kids will actually watch a movie since they won't be able to get out of their car seats. my kids are usually too intent on exploring to sit down and be bothered to watch a movie. which is fine with me--i know it just means they're smarter than all of your couch potato kids out there. ha ha . more like--just means they have ADD or something!!!

and at least I'll be in Boston when I land. Boston.....ahhhh.........a little smile gurgles across my face just saying the word....talk about a peaceful easy feeling--home sweet home, baby! I just wish my husband was going with us. 5 weeks is a long time to not get any action. I'm sure he'll excuse any indescretions based on this. snort.*

And of course i'm now seiged with panic attacks based on the class reunion i so haughtily took over prepartion for. I just wish I wasn't alone. There are so many things to do and decide. oh well. speaking of which, i better haul ass over to classmates.com and send out an email invitation to all the folks there. i had to sign up again. that place pisses me off, so i shouldn't link them, but i'm too lazy to go back and delete it. they started out really cool and useful but now they're pretty much worthless unless you join for 35 bucks or whatever. which isn't bad, it's just that if people don't join they can't really get much use out of the site anymore and it used to be better. okay, so that was fairly redundant, but whatever. fuck yourself if you don't like it. actually, fuck yourself if you'd like to--be my guest. it's always a nice way to spend a quiet afternoon, although not nearly as nice as spending it with the pool boy or the lawn boy.

*NOTE: "snort" indicates that the previous comment was dripping with sarcasm.

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