Sunday, July 06, 2003

i'm finally putting together this gorgeous shirt that i cut out a month or two ago. it's so much easier than i thought it would be...just like everything! and it's beautiful. i hope i didn't just jinx myself. i think i'm going to have to trim a little off before i sew the sides together because i'm smaller than i was when i measured for the pattern. i will be a good seamstress someday i will i will....

got a nice little sunburn today on the farmer part of my farmer tan. this is a good thing. didn't look as bad in my swimsuit as i expected either. although i did come across some pictures of me in my bikini the year i got married (5 years ago--eeeek) which were taken to memorialize my chicken pox (yes, i had the pox at 23!!) but the point is that DAMN. i used to have the cutest figure. fuck. fuck fuck fuck. i'm posting that to the god damn fridge to keep me from ever opening it again!!!!! better than hopelessly comparing mysself to half starved, 8 feet tall models, eh?

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