Monday, July 07, 2003

i know, i know! what am i doing up (and functioning!!) at 7 am? welll, let me just tell you. phone rang at 6:45 and i thought, "who the FUCK would be calling me at this hour??" because everyone who knows me knows that would be unwise. so the next thought to pop into my head was that was my sister calling to say she'd had her baby and my impulse was to scramble for the phone, but then the realist in me reminded me to keep my cozy ass right where it was because my phone is in the kitchen and it's physically impossible for me to reach it before voice mail kicks in unless i haul ass from the first hint of a ring. soooo....i tried to go back to sleep, without success, of course--curiosity gnawing at me like a half starved alley cat who stumbles on some rotten, i got up and checked the caller id. it was a Maine number, with a vaguely familiar look to it...cobwebs clearing...oh yeah, that's my friend T. she must have gotten her reunion invite which held a personal note to her telling her when i'd be in town, etc. good job, T.--don't worry about silly things like time zones. 6:45. i'm sorry, but that's just sick. and now i'm awake. i guess i'll call her back in a few minutes and make fun of her for calling so early.

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