Friday, July 18, 2003

Well, I'm here. It is pretty muggy and hot, dashed with a bit of rain, but hey, that's okay by me. We've already hit the beach and three different playgrounds, so i'm keeping the boys all tuckered out.

Did the bar thing last night and had fun, even if i didn't see anyone i knew. went with a good friend who's up from Florida. yadda yadda. it's starting to lose its appeal in a major way, but I'm sure i'll find plenty of other things to do. Small towns are great, but sort of hilarious. everyone seems to be stagnating here...well, not everyone, but the people who go to bars sure are. they still dress the same as they did 15 years ago, same hair, etc. and that's fun to watch. my friend thinks people here are hostile, and i came to the conclusion that people who are like that are not happy with who they are, not comfortable. i dunno.

so the flight went okay. sucked shit, frankly, but it's over so i'm trying not to think about it...except that everyone keeps asking me how it went!!! oh well.

gonna go sailing soon, maybe fit in some many people to see!!!! loving it! i just wish i had a good (read: cheap) babysitter here so i could ditch the kids more. =( there are sooo many things i'd like to do that they can't or shouldn't do or whatever. i haven't had lobster yet. i'm jonesin' people!!! i'm sure i'll end up getting my fill, but so far, nothing. ONe of the guys in my class who is a lobster fisherman is married to a girl from our class and they are bringing lobster sandwiches to the pot luck---can you say hello to Lisa's new best friends? yum. i'm going to eat 4,000 of them!! my mouth is quite literally watering, just from talking abou tit. oops. i think i'll leave that typo cuz it's so damn cute.

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