Friday, July 04, 2003

I can't believe how many people are blogging today...guess that just proves there are plenty of non-americans on here and once again i've shown myself to be the typically egocentric american. oh well.

I think my Licky Licky highway cruisin' friend is back on. (scroll to april 27 entry) She can't seem to make up her mind who she wants to be sleeping with, but hey--whatever. It's her life, right? but it's getting a little old...

My husband just announced that he is part of a (top secret) plan that'll make us millionaires in a couple of years. i should be excited, right? welll, it's definitely a mixed reaction on my part. i feel like it's a big "if"....i mean, the dude behind it is a fucking genius who has proven that we can trust him to make this happen. but if it doesn't happen that means we will have stayed in god damn motherfucking cock sucking Utah for another unnecessary 2 or 3 years. oh well. i guess if i got to move out of here i'd have so little to bitch about that life might really get boring. and old superjudge would probably have to slit both our wrists from the sheer misery of it because as it is I'm so boring he can barely keep his eyes open long enough to read more than one post. poor guy. he's so lonely he keeps coming to a site he loathes....awww....maybe he needs a hug--or my foot up his cranky little ass.

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