Monday, July 14, 2003

what a weekend. Monday's are generally my favorite day of the week because all is quiet again. and today is a very special monday--it's the boys' birthday!! I can't believe they're 3. and i can't believe i only have today and tomorrow to finish preparing for my trip!!!!

Saw The Italian Job last night. It was good, not great. definitely enjoyed it, but it wasn't really that creative of a story.

Had an great poker night on SAturday. drank a whole bottle of wine by myself, which is always nice.

Had the kookiest dream about being on a reality show where there are a bunch of girls living together/voting people off, etc and spending time with (hee heee, i'm giggling at the thought!!) the musicians from the concert i went to the other night!!!!!!!!! HILARIOUS! And i was sooo jealous of this girl because she got to kiss that guitarist i've grown so fond of...and also there was some time spent in high school, with--of course--people i went to high school with, because that's on my mind too. What have i told you before? my dreams are so predictable.

dammit. just erased some shit. but fortunately it was just shit. kay. better go get started on my monstrous to do list.

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