Sunday, July 06, 2003

well, i've been out cruising the blog world, looking for some fresh meat. speaking of meat, we had a little bbq thang with some friends last night and we made the best steaks i've ever made. i love cows. anywho. i found this guy who i am digging. I also found a few really angry folks, and it reminded me that there is still racism and that people still have to deal with it in very real ways--on the receiving end--every day. It's something i tend not to think about because for me personally it's not an issue. i judge people based on their character and it's strange to think that not everyone does that. I mean, sure, i make appearance based judgements--is that guy hot? is that girl prettier/skinner/better dressed than i am? but not, "damn, look at the shape of her eyes. i must be better than her." what??? okay, that was my off the cuff racial shit for today. and let's just say for the record that being a pasty white woman who grew up in maine and now lives in utah hasn't opened me up to a lot of racial tension on either side of the coin.

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