Monday, July 28, 2003

i have a bandaid on my left index finger around the tip.

ever tried typing with a protrustion like that??? i don't know why i'ts botyhering me so much, since i'm too lazy to cut my fingernails so they're usually quite long. it is pissing me off though.

I am sooooo excited to see the hubby! I will be picking him up at the airport tonight. woo hoo!! i am such a spoiled brat.

AND he told me that our best friends who moved to ohio are getting really close to moving back. he has a third interview tomorrow and if they offer him the job they'll move back back to utah within the month!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm beginning to believe there's a god after all! (just kidding dude, i never stopped believing in ya!!) but seriously. i have sort of been making peace with the living in utah thing and if this happens, i'll not just be at peace with it--i'll be stoked as hell. (but only cuz i feel so luxuriously trailer trashy using that word...stoked...heh heh.)

it is precious most beloved of all times, NAP TIME. aaaaaahhhhhh.......ooh, and i spent the morning at the beach. have i mentioned that we live a 5 minute drive (on slow winding roads) from the sweetest little sand beach on this stretch of coast? i love my ocean. talk about instant rejeuvenating powers!

kay. i have important phone calls to make. and since i'm dealing with dial up shiiiiiiizzzzz, i am unable to multi-task. also, because of hubby's arrival and the looming reunion (FRIDAY--woo hoo!) i'll probably be scarce around these parts...have fun without me. i'll miss all 4 of you. =)

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