Friday, July 11, 2003

crazy crazy amounts of things to do before leaving for my 5 weeks in Maine. faaaaaaack. half of which is fun, but still adds pressure because it takes time. why didn't i schedule my flight for a week later??? clearly i wasn't thinking...clearly. har.

talked to two great friends yesterday. Got one of them excited enough about the reunion to demand that I scour the internet for a cheap enough ticket that she can fly home for it!!! I wish i would have known how interested she was, because i could have talked to her about it a lot sooner. oh well. and the other friend is the friend who made me feel like shit last time i visited, but i sort of in a subtle way got that off my chest....

I would like to say something witty right now, but if i had something witty to say i wouldn't be talking about it, now would i? too much to do today. better get started. i love being busy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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