Thursday, May 18, 2006

Yup. It's been scientifically proven.

Time has proven it, at least.
That if I say "i have nothing to say" then I end up writing the best post ever.
(at least, most of the time, and "ever" means, "for me")
So, doesn't it figure that the moment I say, "I'm not blogging much anymore", I get hit with a wave of STUFF to say??

Ok, well.
As long as we're all ok with my mood swings, I guess this motherfucker can carry on.
It just feels so vanilla without all the sex and swearing, but I'm not feeling the need to express those things here, for some reason.
How's about if I DON'T dissect that?

not much to say, except for that whole "bubonic plague found in utah" business.
jesus, I mean, REALLY??
That's what I get for singing "Ring around the rosie" with my kids--
and explaining its history to them.
Why do I do these things???
Oh yes, this does make it my fault.
Trust me.

I had a good workout today.
And my trainer scolded me for ditching him last week, and forced me to set up an appointment for tomorrow and next week.
God bless him.
I have re-proven the fact that I can eat whatever the hell-fire-damnation I want to as long as I'm working out, but that's just for maintenance.
We MUST move forward with the weight LOSS, here!
We must.
bathing suit season is about 2 weeks away.
I'm like that grasshopper, who played away the whole summer and didn't have food for the winter...uh...
only backwards, in every way.
I did NOTHING all winter, and now find myself with the residue of too much food for the summer.
I could write a cute little parable about that.
Oh wait.
That's every article in every women's magzine from February until June.
I could still kick all your asses, though.
I am tough.
And not flabby.
So that counts for something.
Who's sick of THIS topic??
Good, we all agree.

Ok. Enough.
I want to dream the dreams of a fairy princess.
Oh, wait, one quick thing.
I saw a lead in for a news story about dream interpretation and how dreams are really just pieces of our day and how we view ourselves.
no shit.
That's what I've always said, at least.
I can almost always pinpoint where my dreams were born.
...the labor and delivery room at brain wave central, of course!

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