Thursday, May 11, 2006

Friday Memes Anonymous

Well, not exactly anonymous.
It's ME.
Open Book Central.

Ok, the sexy and fabulous Ms. Mona tagged me (and she's welcome to tap dat, if you know what I mean. heh.)
So here's the deal:
I am supposed to write ten interesting things about me.
There is probably not a damn thing left that I haven't already written about at least once, but ya know.
If I can't remember writing about it, it did't happen.
Or something.

1. I got a lab-sharpe mix on february 29th and named her Sadie...I only managed to keep her for a few days before I had to find her a new home because pets were not allowed in my apartment complex.

2. If I have hangnails, I flip them back and forth with whichever finger is the most convenient. This usually lasts until the flipping finger gets cramped (over the course of a whole day, or more) and I finally, grudgingly, get the nail clippers and cut it off. It is my most obvious nervous habit.

3. One of my bad habits is that I talk too much. Sometimes I can't stop myself, although it has been getting better these past few years. Somehow I think having this semi-one-sided outlet has been good for my verbal flooding. For the record, I have always been a good listener, too. (it's only fair!)

4. I started wondering last night if my sexual peak has already come and gone. (no 'cum' jokes, please. har.) Let's all just cross our fingers or sacrifice a chicken and hope not, m'kay? ***UPDATE: I guess this one wasn't very clear. Hubby and I are doing great, as ever. A year or so ago I hit a crazy peak and now we're at more of a plateau, but we've already discussed it (our communication skills rock not only the Cas, but the Bah too!) and he's standing on that windy plateau with me--looking up my skirt when I'm not kneeling in front of him swallowing his. ahem. I am actually fairly certain that peak I hit was not my "women hit their sexual peak in their 30s" peak--it was circumstantial, due to feeling sexy again after a few years of pregnancy/post-pregnancy fatness and the occurence of hubby and I finding each other again after a bit of a struggle and falling madly in love again/possibly for the first time. So OBVIOUSLY the sex was amazing--what's better than falling in love with your best friend who you've promised to spend the rest of your life with?? Uh, nothing, that's what. Ok. So are we clear?

5. When my sister was getting ready to leave for her first year of college and I was facing my senior year as an only child, with my boyfriend in Boot Camp for the (goddamned motherfucking asswipe) Marines, I saw an ad in the newspaper for a foreign exchange student looking for a sponsor family. My heart leapt at the chance to not face all the loneliness and to instead learn more french and make a new friend. It was a really rough adjustment--for her as well as for us, of course--but after a few weeks we began growing close, and she began showering daily. We used to lie on my bedroom floor, with our heads under my bed, listening to The Beatles and talking about boys. She was an incredible artist--sculptor and painter/drawer, and I have some of her work still. We promised to remain in touch no matter what. Oh, god, the heartbreak of knowing I would never see my french sister again was almost as bad as sending my first love off to the evil Marine Corps. And when I was getting ready to go to France, I wanted to get in touch with her so much, but...I knew she wouldn't be there (her family had lived all over the world before her year with us, and the last i had heard she was living with a boyfriend in Denmark--she was a wanderer--and had already lost most of her English). So I didn't even try. I regret this.

6. That was a long one. I'm counting it as two. Unless I change my mind and have more to say...

7. In high school (90-93), I watched very little television. When people talk about shows from that era I am usually clueless. College, in the other hand, brought good reason to watch all kinds of stupid shows. Afternoon studying was easily sidestepped with Full House reruns, and we noticed a pattern: at 3:26 the cheesy music would fade in and the moral of the story would be spelled out. We hated it, but watched it anyway.

8. My first (2) concert(s) was(were) The New Kids On the Block. At the first of these, I attempted to express my delight at their proximity with the still-famous phrase, "We're breathing the same air as they are!" I should call Jessica.

9. When I was a kid, I was painfully shy and fairly judgmental--in rather odd ways. There seemed to be an absolute, and my way was the only right way: my friend calling her mother "mama" one time when we were 12 or so rather appalled me; my other friend calling "The Little House on the Prairie" "Mary & Laura" annoyed the hell out of me--but, importantly, I never said a word. These two girls were my BEST BEST BEST friends, separately, from about first grade until...well, mostly the present. The one was my church friend, and lived a 45 minute drive away, and the other was my school friend, and lived a 7 minute walk away and all three of us have naturally curly hair and otherwise, the two of them could not be more different, yet I love them both like sisters.

10. I love sci fi movies. I love the way they expand my perception, my expectation of the future or alternate realities.

11. ...because I like rambling randomly...
I want to have a garden and flowers, but I don't know how and I'm afraid I'll fuck it up, so I don't do anything about it.

Ok, that's enough.

I will not tag anyone cuz I'm lazy and apathetic.
Just kidding...I just can't remember who's already done it.
And I'm lazy.

I cooked the most delicous gourmet-style dinner the other night.
Scallops in a white wine and herb saute, pasta with fresh tomato and basil, and sauted (fresh) green beans.
it was gud.
almost as mouth watering as the cookies I made today.
I would probably eat my way into a diabetic coma if I was left alone with those cookies for too long. literally.

Ok, have a happy weekend.
Sorry for the heavy post.
It was fun for me...if that counts.
Sorry for the slackity-assed blogging lately, too.
I guess life gets in the way of the keyboard sometimes.
It's all good.
Oh, I get to drive my brother in law's Porsche soon.
I am.
Beyond stoked.
I'll have to think of something nice to do for him to show my appreciation.
(my husband's response to this was, "you could blow him." So I said, "really? that would be ok with you? sweeeet!!" It was funny to me, but I can imagine that it might not be that funny to some people...especially ones who know me, so for that I apologize...somewhat grudgingly)
He's a great guy.
Everytime I try to say one of the brothers (of hubby's 5) is my favorite, I can't commit to it, because I really love them all.
They're all so much (sorry, I'm now hung up on an Alanis Morissette lyric..."so much braver than I gave you credit for", which is not exactly the sentiment I'm going for, but I'd like to incorporate it anyway...back to the program...)
hey, let's just start that sentence over.
They're all awesome.

I got my mom's big scrap booky thing from our France trip done and in the mail.
$25 says it'll be there in time for Mother's Day.
No, that wasn't a wager; that's how much it cost to get it there on time.
Well worth it, well worth it.

Happy weekend to you all
and Happy Mother's Day to those of you to whom it applies (how was that for a personal greeting?)

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