Sunday, May 28, 2006

Long weekends are like...

long kisses.

Or something.
Anyway, it would appear that Whitey is back in blogging action,
and if you enjoy well-crafted words you would be wise to add him to your daily rotation.
Besides...he's working as a porn store clerk these days, and THAT'S some good story time!

I bought an exercise ball today.
I’m only telling you because, for some reason, that sounds dirty.
It doesn’t really make sense, but there’s something about rolling around on the floor and focusing on balls that makes me smile and nod.

Oh, speaking of balls...
my newly straight friend sat me down to ask me some questions about sex the other night.
She opened with, "So...balls. What are they FOR, exactly??"
She couldn’t have found a better girl to ask!
As I went through my favorite ways to er...use? them,
she kept saying, "really?" and I would have to describe her voice as incredulous. She seemed game, but who knows.
It’s a big step for a lesbian.

I didn't have much to say, but I felt the need to post.

One of my good friends from high school is staying with my uncle and his wife, which is both more and less strange than it sounds.
Small towns are kinda like that, but it is still odd.
She is going to rent one of their many apartments from them, but it's not ready yet.
I'm not sure how that resulted in her staying with them, and she didn't answer when I called.
Oh well.

Why am I still sitting in here, when The Aristocrats is scheduled to be played in the Anderson Theater as soon as I step out of my office and into it??
Cuz I'm an addict, I guess...
Oh well.
Mr. husband got some cool household crap down today.
He finally hung the giant mirror we bought for our front room almost a year ago...
and then hung the normal-sized full-length mirror in our bedroom.
AND put up some black-out blinds so we can fully enjoy our new tv situation during the day.

I'm hungry.
Will get a snack, and then watch the film.
Will report on its hilarity tomorrow.
will continue starting sentences with "will".
Will not...

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