Wednesday, May 03, 2006

What do I hate more than telemarketers?

Believe it or not, I actually forgot what I was going to say.
That was much faster than usual.
Oh, ok, got it.
That was much faster than usual, too.
Ok, so what I hate more than telemarketers is this:
going through a whole day without answering my comments.
It annoys the BLOODY HELL out of me.
I actually spend time thinking about it, away from the computer. apologies are sincere.

My editor called this morning.
We had a good little chat and
I am more excited than scared, now--thank gods.

New album is...
Really sounding good.
I have to hear things a couple of times before they sink in, usually, so I’m not good just yet.
I’m finishing up this paper, and then I’ll be freeeeeeee as a bird so I can focus on such things as absorbing new lyrics and rhythms and melodies into my blood stream...
I bet I’ll get a killer high if I melt the disc down and inject it...

I love how the pressure of daily stupid things just turns on and off.
It’s like a stopper in the drain from my brain.
Too much distraction equals no words.

This paper I’m writing is hilarious.
Professor TOLD me to use tons of textual evidence
(I love that word because it’s like the ‘s’ at the front had a gender change or even went so far as to have that extra 't' thrown between its legs.)
and that means tons of quotes from the book, which means 5 pages turns rapidly into about 2.
Fuck her.
So I’m just typing up a bunch of relevant quotes, writing a thesis statement and a conclusion and stringing them together.
Ha. Effffin’ ha!!!!!
I am so ready for this retardationalized class to end.

I’ll bribe my kids to let me listen to PJ instead of track 2 from the Shrek soundtrack.
Actually, it’s not the soundtrack, just the songs I liked, burned.
But track 2 is the only one they’ll listen to.
On repeat.
body once told me the world is gonna roll me,
I ain’t the sharpest tool in the she-e-e-d...

Oh, I can sing the whole thing, don’t’ worry.
I can sing that fucker BACKWARDS.

(finished paper, drove to school, had fun with little ones and their...
questions and now I'm back)

Ok, so the doorbell rang earlier, and I figured it was just a package being delivered or at worst, someone selling something I didn't want.
It was waaaay better than that.
It was the milkman.
Back when the twinners were still drinking bottles, but had switched to cow's milk,
we had delivery from this amazing local dairy.
They don't use hormones on their cows, and their eggs are from grain-fed hens who are hormone free, and their bread is REAL whole wheat...not the pansy-ass "100% whole grain" fluffy shit by Sara Lee that I pretend is good for me...
We're back on board!
We stopped getting it at some point because we weren't using as much milk and the minimum order amount was too high; we didn't need it.
I've been thinking about all the utter shit we put in our bodies these days, and feeling unsettled about it, and wanting to make a change.
The Gods of My Every Whim sent an answer to my un-formed prayers.
(they're good n' psychic like that)
I am beyond excited.
My weekly order is:
one gallon 2%,
one gallon skim,
one loaf honey wheat bread
(kids won't be so easily weaned from the sara lee crap. oh well, at least it's not white!),
a 3-pack of organic romaine hearts, and
2 dozen plump and fresh and oooooo eggs.
I feel healthier already!
(yes, I'm sure you were absolutely RIVETTED by my grocery list. Suck it.)
I am truly going to try to make some changes...
I bought a day planner, man.
This is heavy.
I want to get organized--a little.
Nothing too strict, just a general framework for my day.
Summer's here, ya know.
Kids only have one more month of school
(and one week of that is testing so they're off for the whole week. blah)
and then it's
Pool time
park time
mountains time
bike time
Oh yes, it's gooood times.
Things get hectic in the summer, and lazy, at the same time.
I love it.

Souls that soar need times to rest
that's the perfect segue to this picture I took the other day.

This is the place where the mountain juts out and it sort of divides Utah county (70% mormon) from salt lake county (25%), weather wise and obviously religion wise.
It's called "Point of the Mountain" and is a major landmark hereabouts.
(I love that word)
Anyway, the little specks of color are paragliders.
I will join them some day.

Happy Day to you.

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