Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Happy Hump Day...

it's a beautiful day.
Perfect for humping, if you're into that sorta thing.

I spent about an hour on my trampoline last night.
Dancing's not so easy on a trampoline, fyi.
Had my i(mposter)pod strapped on with all the great new music you folks recommended for me.
I have 'em all.
I couldn't very well stop to look at the song titles, and I sure as hell can't read while bouncing, so I'm not sure which ones were my favorites yet.
But there was one about flying.
I'll have to figure out which one that was.
Oh, Fairy princess? Something about you're a fairy princess and you and me don't need wings to fly...
I wanted to fly.
I have always wanted to, and bouncing and bouncing...
I felt like I could.
I ended it all by switching to Sofia, my current favorite Live song.
The way he growls out "rain" made me actually attempt flight.
I failed, but on a trampline, no one gets hurt!

Time for the gym.
And tonight I'm going to see a local band that my friends love.
Should be gooood.

I'm now late for my appointment.
I think I'll go.

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