Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mudder's Day, ladies

...and gentlemen?

Today didn't really start off so great, but I'm full of peace again.
You don't really want/need to hear my laundry list of grumblings--
they're rather starchy and static-y, anyway.
Let's just stick with the highlights--
1. friday night, hubby brought me home 4
yes, FOUR
dozen roses...most incredible.
2. friday night, his mother took her 4 daughers-in-law to a lovely dinner
(to honor the mothers of her grandchildren...she's weird, but sweet)
3. today I got home from my editing meeting to be met with a husband ready to cook dinner and two kids presenting me with the sweetest, most thoughtfully-selected gifts.

Anyway, the most important part is that Mr. husband is my darling
and being a mom is a pretty damn cool gig.
I was watching Oliver eat his cereal...
I love the way he tips his spoon to let all the milk drip out.
I love the way Max holds my hand and leads me along when I've said "just a minute" too many times...
I, of course, love every littlest thing there is about them both.
Even their tantrums and their ornery times.
I love how they insist upon understanding every last shred of life that they encounter...even though it wears me the fuck out.
I love that they love hiking and sunshine and adventures.
I love that each little boy has such a distinct personality, but is still so much like his brother.

I talked to my Mom today, too.
She's my hero in all of the ways that I could name.
She has probably never sinned, although she may think she has.
She has never even been self-righteous.
Or selfish or greedy or inconsiderate.
I've been thinking lately of all the ways I need to slow down and listen to the inside, the old me, the me that came from her, direct route.
I used to be more soft and kind...not that I'm bitchy now, I'm really not.
I just think I let things change me, and I worried that I would be unappreciated or unrevered, for hell's sake.
I wanted to be a star, not just the glue holding others together, but, well...
I can do both.
I can at least relax and let the Mom in me come through.
She's a good example to follow.

As for the meeting with my editor...
it went really well!
He read over it and made a couple of very general comments,
We made a few small changes and then he left me to redo the opening.
When he returned and read it he sat back and smiled.
He said mine was one of the best first articles he had seen.
I didn't tell him that had been what I was hoping for...
So it should be in tomorrow's edition, since the play ends this coming weekend and the next issue isn't out til Thursday.
the link is...
something or other.
And you better believe I'll be swinging by to pick up a dozen copies!!
What a relief--
To have done it, and be on my way!
Feels good.
I can see some ways to improve next time,
and we talked about some comprehensive articles.
There are two Festivals in a southern town this summer:
Neil Simon & Shakespeare.
He was thrilled that I offered to go cover either/both of those events, but they're a little later in the summer.
I have a couple of shows I can review in the start of June, but I may have a very quiet week or two right now.
I guess I'm on my way!!
I discovered that articles pay about $20 each. Heh.
Good thing I'm not trying to make a living at this!!
(and, yes, that means I'll have to start writing 3 articles for each issue if I intend to make a dent in my tummy tuck fund!! That's ok...I'm sure hubby will pay for it eventually because he knows how much the hideousness pains me...)

Also, next time the darling man tells the THREE kids they can each spend TEN DOLLARS at the GODDAMNED Dollar store, I'm going to kick him in the shins.
(my little ones are amazed by the fact that everything costs one dollar. We pretty much just discovered this modern marvel a few monthes ago, and whenever they have money of their own they BEG to go there. Anyway, they were asking Dad if they could go, and he offered them each ten bucks. ten. That means we are now the proud owners of 30 assorted pieces of junk, most of which have A BILLION parts, and they are EVERYWHERE. Do you like my use of the shift key today? This has been no small contributor to the uneasy, stressful feelings with which I've wrestled all weekend. Just kidding, but that sentence was fun to write. I think I'll close this parenthetical notation...)

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