Thursday, May 25, 2006

Beer plus rock equals...

I'm way too old for this.
On a weeknight, no less.
They were good, though.

And thanks to Maine I am now watching the part of the American Idol final where Chris Daughtry sings with Live.
Thanks, man...

I thought I had something to say.
But I don't.

I did, however, figure out why I feel like I have brain damage lately.
It's my kids.
Yes...yes...I'm blaming them, hold on.
It's because they ask least 200 questions per day, each.
I'm not kidding.
I counted once.
And every time I begin a train of thought, without fail, one of them interupts me.
Now, don't get me wrong:
I love answering their questions, and I love that they ask them.
It is very jarring and bad for the mental process to have so many half-thunk thoughts lying around in my awareness.
I'm going to try to stop thinking, whenever the kids are around.
And hey, just so you know I'm not a whiner, they don't ask just normal questions.
Oh no.
It's not just "can I watch tv?" or "can I have a snack?"
It's more like..."what does 'eventually' mean?" or "what happens if the light never turns green?" or "but why haven't they invented jet packs yet?"
Or worse.
The point is, it's my fault...
I answer every question so thoroughly and so accurately that they expect no less.
I'm stuck, quiz show is my life from now on.
but at least I'm not dying of a brain issue of some sort.
It's just mental clutter.
I'll start meditating again and it'll sort itself out.


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