Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Go Bra Yourself!

I am tooooo
busy to post today.
or tomorrow, I should say.
but I am feeling like a leaf about to blow away in the wind...
my blog is a tree.
shit, I'm probably the tree, huh?

here is a a post from...september 5th 2005.
I think.

Weekend, what weekend?

You call that a motherfucking weekend, cocksucker???
got a little carried away there.
I had a fantastic weekend, actually.
exhausting as fuck, but good.
I seem to have acquired a second son of my mother-in-law and his two white pickup trucks.
eh, not in a reverse polygamy way, just as a guest/pariah/piranah for a bit.
just kidding.
I was rather stressed out about it, but I think it's going to be ok.
I just wish I could be alone in my house more.
no, not for any perversified reasons, you damn neanderthals.

my kids.
I'm beyond excited.
this is bigger than preschool...
it's like...
real life.
they're on the road.
and yes, I'm fucking beyond stoked.
it's going to be great.
and then I get to cry all the way to school.
I hope the tears have faded by the time I start screaming lengthy groupings of profanities at the worthless sacks of shit who will have sinfully stolen my parking spot.
cuz, well, you know, that wouldn't really make me look not crazy.

The marvelous Mr. husband fixed my corn-puter tonight.
I totally glove that guy.
sometimes I'd go so far's to say I's mitten with him.
(yes, that was a bit of a stretch, just go with it!)

ok, and in honor of
A. my computer's resurrection
B. my upcoming dollops of FREE time...

yes, yes.
y'all deserve a Braless Tuesday, and thensome.
now don't get all pant-y and slobbery on me--
there will BE no "thensome".

enjoy, and happy short-work-week, Americans!

(yeah, when I bought this shirt, I said to my husband, "It looks kinda "old lady", but it's really cute on..." and he said, "KINDA old lady???" er. well. fine. maybe so, but here's my nips!

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