Saturday, May 27, 2006

Isn't it ironic?

Don't ya think?
We've had record heat for the past two weeks,
and the day the pool opens it is overcast and cold-as-hell.
It's crazy.

who needs to go outside when you have a freshly installed
surround sound
100-inch screen
triple LCD projector
home theater?
I'm seriously still convulsing from the multiples I had for the entire
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings.
It is orgasmic.
So that was last night.
The colors are so vibrant and the sound penetrates (heh-heh) to the bone (ha).
It has a line in for his laptop.
So, of course, he got a wireless keyboard and...
has spent the morning playing World of Warcraft on it.
Mixed blessing there--haha.

so last night while he and his brother were installing everything,
I strapped on the mp3 player and jumped on the trampoline again.
It is so therapeutic, I can't even tell you.
Meditative, truly.
So I jumped and grooved and watched the subdued sunset be replaced, inch by inch,
by a very patient thunderstorm.
It lay heavily over what looked like my immediate neighborhood only,
and soon the only light was glowing up from the distant foothills, where the city begins to spread thin as it licks up the mountain.
I was waiting for the rain.
I was begging for the rain.
I wanted it to plaster my white tank top to my body and my black hair to my neck.
Stubborn old rain cloud.
I was facing east, turning around and around, but always returning to east.
It's the best view of mountains, but when I realized it was east,
I felt a surge of home.
And then a track come on, unexpectedly, and I flopped to my back.
Staring up at the sky, I could see my chest rising and falling just under my knees.
And my ears were filled with sounds I'd forgotten.
No...not forgotten, just...had been missing.
And then it passed, and I stood up and jumped again, but slower this time.
And still smiling.

I am thinking our dinner-and-a-movie plans for tonight will be exchanged for dinner-out-and-movie-in plans.
Although...I really want to see X-Men 3.
Like...REALLY want to see it.
God damn, I love the X-men and women.

Happy weekend to y'all.

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