Thursday, May 04, 2006

If I had a Magic 8 Ball...

and I asked it, "Should I post?"
The answer would be, "All signs point to yes."
But I would still prefer to slouch down and shove my computer to the side and burrow deep in the smooth-soft-cool sheets.
I don't "need" more sleep, I just want it.
It's a grey-sky day, but there is still a buzzing in the air--
well, later today there will be; right now I'm just hazy
(first play to see & review).

The good news is...
the bad news is...

I have really pulled out the Spring Cleaning stops this week, folks,
and it feels damn good.
Laundry room got its ass whipped into shape, as did the boys' room.
Large garbage bags full of useless/broken/ignored toys and clothes worn out.
I can't believe how orgasmic it is for me to throw things away.
...I overuse that word, don't I?
Maybe I just have a hair trigger, ok?

I feel like I should get dressed and go take my car somewhere, just so I can listen to my new Pearl Jam CD louder and less-interupted than I was able yesterday.
But, then there's that whole bed issue...
it's singing sweet songs of me, making promises and bargains....
it wants me.

So I think I may have had the BEST dream of all times last night.
I promise it'll be entertaining, so please read--
I know some people skip dreams, so that's cool, but trust's good and I'll keep it brief.
I sat down on a curb with Brittney Spears,
and very gently, very compassionately, asked her if Kevin was her first love.
She said, 'yes'.
I told her she would always love him, but that she would get over it.
I firmly told her what she already knew: that it was time to end it.
Then I tossed her my "I suck, but at least I'm good at it" tank top, and she loved it.
I said something to her which now makes me think the shirt said something a little different; I was confusing it with the "Men are Scum" T-shirt I made as a freshman in college...hee.
Anyway, it was a long and winding dream, but that was the most anecdote-worthy part.

I hope you're all having a fantastic day.
I hope I can read everyone's blogs's strange how fast I can feel disconnected.

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