Monday, May 22, 2006

Look out, I'm hungry!

So I should probably be eating instead of posting...
but, too late.
I'm here.

Another busy day in paradise.
Kids had their post-kindergarten assessments.
Much fun.
I love watching them answer all the questions easily and correctly.
I volunteered to be a helper for their field trip next week...
Why I did that is beyond me.
I apparently enjoy torture.

Ok, nevermind.
I thought I could post.
but then the phone rang and my son started...
just, started.
You know how they do.
a thousand different requests which all translate to: give me attention.
funny, I've hardly touched the computer all day and I finally make me way here, and
he needs me.
oh well.
that's life.
and it's a good one, so I'll quit whining.
maybe try this later...

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