Sunday, May 21, 2006

Live. LIVE. Live!!

The Live show was amazing.
It was sweaty and crashy and I was only 20 feet or so from the stage.
Oh Ed, why didn't you take off your pants?
You took of your shirt, but the least you could do was teach us how to pronounce your name.
They opened with "Selling the Drama".
I lost it when they said my favorite line, "it's the way we sing that makes 'em dream".
Fuck yes it is, boys.
They did a few from their upcoming album, including "Sophia" which is great, but the other new ones were just as good.
It doesn't come out until June 13th, though.
They did "LIghtening Crashes" and "White, Discussion" and "I Alone" and "Overcome" and "dolphins cry" and "Heaven" and more.
The new songs were "The River" and "Show" (which was awesome) and something else.
They did a cover of Johnny Cash, "I Walk the Line".
god DAMN does that man have an incredible voice--rich and deep and steady.
He blew it out of the water.
I wish I could see Pearl Jam in a bar.
It is so intimate, so amazing.
They played for about 2 hours, I think.
It was just...everything.
It was beautiful.

There was a crazy chick in front of us who wanted to get into a fight really badly, but no one was biting,
and we were originally standing sort of in a doorway, so people kept pushing past us and it was about to drive me over the edge, but just in the nick of time we got shuffled forward a bit.
Jasmine got a boner in her back for most of the show, but the dude was pretty cute.
She also got kissed by some old dude on the way out.
She has all the fun!

I am going to drift off with visions of men with shaved heads and beautiful eyes...
wish you were there.
yeah, you.

OH! I forgot the best part!
I don't know how to explain it without sounding like a sap.
He sang, "I don't need no one to tell me 'bout heaven, I look at my daugherS and I believe" and I just loved the power of that one little letter to tell us that his life has grown fuller since he wrote the song.
And I loved that in the recording that gets heard by people all the time, it hasn't changed, of course, but that right there, in that room, we were told something.
Well, those of us who listened, those of us who knew.
And did I mention the beauty of...grey, in all its shades on that stage?
No, they didn't play that song.
They sounded amazing.
They were so close.
Shirt off.
I can't believe how easy it is to star strike me.
It's like taking a paint brush and star striping me...
I think I'm funny
...and so do you.

I really do fear that I'm losing my mind, or rather my brains.
My memory is probably no worse than it has been since pregnancy, but I can't remember...

I can't forget, but i can't remember...
This stupid kid kept yelling "Turn My Head!"
which, I agree, would have been nice to hear, juices and all (winka winka),
at one point I reached up and made a turning motion over his head, as if I were grabbnig his head and turning it.
I really do think I'm funny.

I'm going to be compelled to buy (for the FOURTH time) Throwing Copper.
It is one of my favorite albums of everlasting life.
Throwing Copper
Joshua Tree
Blood Sugar Sex Magik't think of the other one right now.
Email just in.
Will read it instead.

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