Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Can't sleep

It's been a strange sorta day, though, including an afternoon nap.
I loathe naps.
With the fire of a thousand suns.
However, they are occasionally unavoidable.
As in: sometimes, after feeling mildly ill in the stomach region,
one will jump on the trampoline at the behest of one's children,
and the mildness will be re-classified as...
So, one will retire to the couch with one's book.
(am I done with the "one" references yet?? probably not. It's kind of fun.)
Where soon one's children will join one (??) and one will doze off,
being startled awake by one's husband, who is making fun of...ONE for falling asleep on the couch.
So then I went (sorry, couldn't take the oneness anymore!!) upstairs and curled, folded, sighed
into my most delicious of beds.
Where I promptly had dreams of Mexican teens absconding with my son and my favorite brother's wife marrying Harrison Ford (although I never figured out why she wasn't married to my brother anymore!) who was lying, dozing, on my bed in the very spot in which I was dreaming about him!
I was very star struck, and followed my sister in law (or not) into the bathroom to whisper to her, "what's his latest movie? i want to ask him about it, but I can't remember...all I can think of is how much I loved Indiana Jones! And he's in my house!"
I'm a dork.
So then I technically regained consciousness, but naps are almost as lethal to me as lack of sustenance, so it wasn't a pretty hour as I waited for the waves of irritation and mumble-talk to recede enough for me to join the world.

Ok, so as for the rest of this bizarre little scoop of a day--
got a late start to visit brand new twin babies, and hubby joined me, making me even later.
babies were sweet and perfect and beautiful, and I hope my icky stomach/sleepiness was not contagious.
(speaking of icky stomachs, go visit Mark and bring a barf bag.)
and then...crap, there was more odd stuff.

I guess one of the things I wanted to mention was that Chris Daughtry, my favorite American Idol, chose 2 Elvis songs which are close to my heart.
He, of course, rocked them.
One of them reminded me of happy days, but not Fonzie...

I hate it when I think I have a cool idea for a thematic post and the theme flies out the window like a caged bird who finally found a key (and at least one opposable thumb...)

The trampoline is doing wonders for my exercise regimen.
15 minutes, 3 times a day.
not a bad addition to the rest of my work outs.
Maybe I'll post pictures.
Oh, did I tell you the news?
my digital camera is toast.
The shutter won't open, so that's pretty much the end of that gigantic beast of technology.
It's not even that old, but it's big enough to hold 3 rolls of film.
Takes great pictures, though.
Anyway, it's time to get a new one.
Mr. husband is finally ordering his projection system for televsion-type viewing pleasure.
He's also an uber nerd and will be rigging it so that he can play
world of fod;ifjai warcraft
on it.
with a split screen, so i can sit next to him and play together.
THAT I will do.
(we discovered that my laptop doesn't have a good enough video card and I refuse to sit in my office while he sits elsewhere so the whole marital gaming thing is on hold. but I've been pacified...hey, it's a VOLVO, I'm not cheap!)

that fucking commercial.
"I can't concentrate. could I be pregnant?"
Who the FUCK ever connects those two dots??

Ok, I'm done.
I'm hungry, though, and still not tired.
I hope I remember to make note of my post #1492...
it's coming right up sometime this summer.
That could be a fun day.
I could name a whole race of people eroneously or at least teach my husband that Portugal is in Europe...

Is it Friday yet?

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