Thursday, November 03, 2005

Yup, it's still Thursday...

Nothing like wallowing around all afternoon,
Feeling as grey as this
(stupid motherfucking)
And then
Accomplishing two of the dreaded tasks.
Schedule cleaning ladies and carpet cleaners.
Fuck yes.
Suddenly the grey day is slightly less so.
For some reason making the gorgeous-for-the-tongue
And marinating the sumptuous (???) chicken
Didn’t boost my spirits.
Nor did getting my ass perfunctorily kicked by aforementioned trainer.
(aforementioned, as in, “on other days”…)

somehow the ‘roid rage of my peanut-allergic child,
who is recovering from somehow ingesting one the other day,
is overshadowing it all.
And I wont’ even mentioned the conversation I had with my Dad,
Where he told me about a new procedure that makes nose jobs simple—
Which he didn’t think I would need unless I lost weight.
love that guy.
I didn’t even get hurt feelings over it because I “get” him so well.
He really means well.

And yes, you read that right:
Somehow my dearest little love found a peanut in a kit kat.
Or, rather, he is now allergic to just the mreere presence of a peanut in the same fucking
Factory where his non-peanuty candy is made.
Fucked, he is.
Poor little smooshy bear…

And his brother apparently is as addicted to this bloody machine as I am.
More later.
Oh, trust me, there’ll be more.

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