Thursday, November 17, 2005

Today I Think I'll Write

I'm not feeling sassy
or svelte
or silly.
I'm not even feeling like talking about the current events of my world.
my small and soft and careful world.
I am feeling the need to push something creative out from the far reaches of my soul.
It is stretched far, I fear.
Wandering about the globe in its quest for--
Its quest for butter.
Yeah...I know, it sounds odd.
But my soul loves butter, what can I say?
My body is only in a platonic relationship with butter, but soul wants to
hit third base with butter
take a carriage ride around the city with butter
stroll the moonlit streets of Paris with butter
take a blood oath to be forever loyal to butter.
Too bad neither my soul nor butter have blood...

I needed to close my eyes and purge some sticky poetic residue,
clinging to the backs of my eyelids,
crusted under my fingernails.
that shit starts to stink after a while, ya know?
some days I am finished with writing about MY LIFE.
I'm thinking of starting a vacation/spa/camp thing for brains.
Just a little get away, a retreat.
My brain could use one of those...
especially if my soul is going to insist on chasing down its secret lover.

dinner tonight with best friend, J.
at one of our faaaavorite places.
I can't wait!
(shut up. I know I promised no boring "life" crap...)
and Saturday night hubby and I are going out with a couple with whom we are long over due for plans.
wow, that sentence was just craaaazy, eh?
I honestly don't know if it was grammatically correct or not.
guess I don't care, neither.
I mean, hellfire, if my soul can be incessantly infatuated with saturated fat...
or is that unsaturated fat?

It's amazing how fantastic both Oliver and I feel after one night in our own beds!
and it's cute how both boys are soooo excited to have each other to play with again.
they're inventing all sorts of games and not even getting into mischief...yet.
allowing me to get caught up on some homeworky stuff.
I need to pick some classes for next semester...
blah blah, draining my brain...

I should probably go shower.
and fight the urge to nap.
and make some calls regarding the in-law's plans for Turkey day.
why didn't someone TELL me it was next week????
jeeezus fucking christ, these things should be on the calendar or something!!!

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