Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Home sweet home

I can't begin to thank you all enough for your sweet words...
no, really, my brain is far too fried to compose properly thankful replies.
we are home and it feels great (add italics and bold and larger font on that would ya? thanks.)
and the fuckfaced doctors came to the solid and punctual conclusion that it is definitely, most assuredly--
either pneumonia or asthma.
great, thanks for that.
so we're still treating for both.
and they all are morons.
also, I really think it would have been nice to know that the cafeteria closes sometime before 10:45 am for god-knows-what-reason.
that was probably the hardest part for me--never really being able to eat when I needed to.
the hardest part for lil shnookums was a dead tie between the IV, the oxygen (up his nose-with-a-rubber-hose), the steroids making him angry, and the other shit winding him up--all while plugged in to various machines keeping him bed ridden.
I'm not complaining, though.
I know it could have been so much worse.
I'm just glad he's getting better, and we're home.
It is also under discussion, whether or not Becky is, in fact, jesus christ himself.
not only did she bring joy and relief with her Santa Claus-like visit last night,
but she seems to have cured Oliver by her mere presence (at least that's what we're going with...).
I actually got tears in my eyes when I realized I will sleep in my bed with my husband tonight--and might even have the energy for some of that whatchamacalit-sex-stuff.

I also realized that the lecture I missed yesterday was not, after all, covering the love of my life Eddie vedder, so I felt much better about that.

it's all about me.

bless you all.
no boobies this week, but perhaps back to something a bit raunchy by tomorrow...

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