Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Can't find a better mouse--

or at least a working mouse.
or a mouse in the right place at the right time--
yesterday at the corn maze, we watched one get run over by the tractor giving us a ride on the cow train--twice.
then today in class, I saw one dart out from under the stage and smoothly,
bounce up the aisle.
fucking mice.
my mouse sucked, so hubby gave me the wireless one he keeps in his laptop bag for fun.
it has begun misbehaving, although I think it miiiight just be a case of low batteries.


I have a list of things to do that is growing by the second.
exponentially and chaotically.
but I like lists, so it's ok.
for now.
until I feel swamped, and then we're done for.
trust me, you're in this with me.
I need to make a phone call.
...well, that was a rush.
just dialed, and listened to the first long, slow ring.
then my heart started beating faster,
my mind raced just a little.
will she answer?
should I be shy?
eh, I hate talking to strangers.
strangers who are soon to be friends.
I guess I had the build up--
hearing about someone before you meet them often leads to disapppointment.
I'm overthinking.
I THINK I'll stop...

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