Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Braless Tuesday (again)

I can't believe it's Tuesday, AGAIN.
It seems like we have one EVERY DAMN week!!

I get to go on a magical mystery tour/slumber party girls' weekend thingy in a few days!!!
I got the final head count today, and I'm RARING to go.
Such a dynamic, amazing group of women.
THANK THE LORD I have finally found some women I can relate to!!!!
I hope to show the softer side of the Brazen Hussie W this weekend.
Half the guests only know the party side of me, see.
They'll be shocked to discover I can also be subdued and sweet.
(as would most of YOU, I imagine...)

I thought I bombed my test last week, but I got a B.
I can live with that!

I get comments occasionally,
which lead me to wonder...
if the authors have even read my blog.
but that's ok.
they're welcome, too.
Will y'all help me to remember not to leave my 6-15 page short story for the last-fucking-minute??
call me dumbass a few times each,and maybe it'll sink in...

I might just post the un-cropped version for HNT.
And it might just be because I'm lazy.
But you'll never know.
Or maybe you will.
I have some stuff up on my Creative Writing Homework site, if you're into that sorta thing.
("just kidding. Unless you are, cuz I got 'em...")

happy day, suckers--

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