Thursday, November 24, 2005

I am thankful for...

my extraordinary mother, who taught me to cook well.

my husband for driving to 3 different groceries stores with me last night, searching for lobsters.

a husband who will do the entire cleanup of a massively messy meal like this one...

that's all I have right now.
earlier today, I had visions of a beautiful, heartfelt long and winding list of thankfulness.
I'm too tired now from cooking and entertaining to think of anything I'm actually thankful for...
mostly I'm thinking of how great my bed will feel
(in a different way than it felt about an hour before dinner when hubby took me-- uh. and took me...)
and I'm trying not to think about the four pies I am taking to the dinner tomorrow,
or the 2 pies and batch of brownies that I am making Saturday for the Turkey feast I'm hosting Sunday...
Tomorrow we leave here at 12:30...
Marie Calendar's anyone???
but at least we secured the mother in law to watch the boys so we dont' have to take them to the dinner tomorrow.
praise the lord and pass the wine/beer/Jager!!
Ok, I had forgotten that lovely morsel...I guess I'll live afterall.
I am thankful for mothers in law who babysit,
and friends who let friends drink and not-drive.
I will cross the pie bridge when I come to it.
i.e.: if I feel like it, I'll make them in the morning.
if not, I won't.
that's the best part about going to a thanksgiving celebration on Friday...
ok, my brain is fried.
I need to go get my camera and post the pictures of my lovely,
non-traditional feast.

oh, and I drove the Jaguar and decided it's not that great--
not the one I can afford, at least!!!
Sure, those XJ8s are smoooooth as ice, and just as cool.
and the X-type was a nice car, but...
I guess I'm more of a Volvo wagon girl at this point.
When I sell a book, I'll get an XJ8 convertible...or a Vette.
I need to have dreams, right?

I wish this cold would shit or get off the pot.
no, I guess I just wish it would get off the pot.
speaking of pot...
we bought a HUGE (muthafuckin) pot to boil the lobsters in,
and both of us failed to notice that the edge was crushed in on the bottom.
and it looked like someone had driven across the top edge of it, with a chain saw.
and did I mention that pot was gigantically enormerrific?
I think you could probably fit two human heads in it.
I mean, probably.

fuckity fuck.

Ok, here are the pictures....
I nearly died laughing when I saw the last one,
because I had forgotten it.

My first ever batch of clam chowder.
Which came out perfect, by the way.

I feel such a kinship to the little insects...
(I'm referring to the lobsters as insects, not the children...)

"lizards" as Oliver kept calling them.
I almost felt bad killing them.
but then I remembered the flavor and laughed all the way to the stove.
which, incidentally, was just behind me.
short trip.

It was a day of firsts, with this being my first EVER lattice-topped pie.

It came out like a tastebud explosion, or massage, or something...
it was truly a gift to my mouth, and that after homemade biscuits, lobster and clam chowder???
yup, that good.

and this.

I can't stop laughing....
(and it kinda makes me horny!)
I noticed it when I was adding a handful of clams to the chowder...

I hope you each had a fantastic, happy, full-bellied day.
someone come rub my neck and I'll be good as new.

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