Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I am.

A yam.

No, I'm not actually a sweet potato (although I am sweet...).
I just like how two such different phrases can sound the same.

My car is getting detailed right now...
I'm putting it up for sale!
which means...
the Vulva is right around the corner.
sorry...couldn't resist.

I remember a time when I used to be so in-tune with this site,
so tuned in to it,
so turned on by it--
that posts were constantly churning through my mind.
They would burst into the flame of thought, crackling and glowing until I breathed out the smoke of them into my keyboard.
I remember a time when Michael Jackson was black, too.
BOY OH BOY does the world change!

In about 3 weeks it will be the 3 year anniversary of this blog.
I plan to plan something big in way of celebration...
Has it really only been 3 years?
It feels like ten.
...and I'm not sure if that's a compliment.
(probably not).
I would like to thank the academy.
(what?? that's what I call the voices in my head who write this shit!)
And my kids.
No, really--I should thank them for the 5 minutes a day that they leave me alone long enough to compose a partially coherant thought.
It frickin' rocks.

Actually, I am rather amazed at how mainstream blogging is becoming.
It makes me feel a little funny...
but not quite the same as when we climbed the ropes in gym class, Garth.
Like, I feel like one of those people who only listens to indie music, and once it's mainstream they don't like it anymore.
only, I would never desert my blog for something as silly as "what other people are doing".
It's just that I felt way cooler (read: nerdier) when I used to have to explain what a blog is to everyone.
Ok, I'm getting ahead of myself,
as I still have to explain what it is to everyone I talk to,
but I can see that it is day soon, blogs will be the new black.
and I will cry a thousand angry, bitter tears.
or 3, at least.

I'm hungry.
and I keep feeling like there's something I should be posting.
a story or a meme or a picture.
but I can't think what it is, so it'll have to turn to ash and further clutter my burned out brain.

Have a humpingly fantastic Wednesday, and don't forget to floss--

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