Sunday, November 20, 2005

It is a dark not-stormy night...

Or maybe that's just me.
Maybe I'm the one who's dark...
and maybe a little stormy.
but more like the ocean is stormy,
than a bad mood is stormy.
We use that word so comfortably to describe anger,
and yet.
It has its own life, let's don't forget.
Just because I feel a bit stormy doesn't mean I'm angry or conflicted.
And I'm not sure what the hell I mean by it anyway.
but I'm not angry or conflicted.
and yet somehow...
I still feel stormy. if the wind will seep out of me
and rain will pound down from me...
I feel pretty and settled and happy today.

We had a fun evening with some cool-and-interesting friends.
good food.
goooood beer.
high-larry-us movie.
oh, and when I got home I noticed some rather unsightly dandruff.
I feel like a Head & Shoulders commercial is about to leap out of my chest,
so I'll stop.
(it's a sensation not unlike the hiccups, in case you're wondering...)

Thanksgiving is coming right up.
we've decided on a lobster feast for Thursday,
since I'm hosting my husband's family next Sunday for our turkey dinner.
I am really excited.
I didn't go home this summer, so it's been a while since I've had lobster.
No, I don't ever order it at restaurants.
it tends to taste like cardboard and feel like rubber.
I learned that lesson the hard way, believe me.

I bought a big old pad of Mad Libs today...
Don't even think about telling me you're not jealous.
if you say that then you're either lying or not someone I want to be friends with.

I wonder if I'm dying...
I just noticed that my left hand is pale and normal-looking,
while my right hand is darker and a little blotchy.
I think it means I'm having a heart attack.
or I'm about to have a stroke.
that I'm turning into a hypochondriac before my very eyes...

my decision to buy a Volvo station wagon was reaffirmed tonight.
hot chick in "40-year-old Virgin" drove one,
as well as the Terri hatcher character on Desperate Housewives.
(not to be confused with BORED housewife...)
so it's settled.
hot brunettes who are either smart or artsy (or both) drive Volvo station wagons.
of course, both of those women have teenage daughters, vastly smaller waists than I, and scripts, so...
well, whatever.
I'm gettin' me a volvo.
unless I go for the audi wagon...

you know what I wish?
I wish I would have used my "shift" key more often on this blog.
Not really, though.

that's enough non-stormy, non-drunk rambling.

and piece...

P.S. I just noticed this is post # 1111 Yaaay!!!

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