Monday, November 07, 2005

Here's to you--

I think I could rate that weekend as one of the most relaxing,
And purely enjoyed of all the weekends I can remember.
There was such a comfortable connection between us all;
it was like we had all been best friends for years.
I needed that.
So, so badly.
We had some good food,
some disappointing food,
a nice hot tub soak,
a couple of short-but-inspiring hikes.
We even had our numerology done,
which was quite fun.
We did some shopping,
and lots of silly inside jokes were born.
We even named our group,
And began to plan future adventures.
It is good.

I have a busy week ahead, but I feel so refreshed that it doesn’t even faze me.
My head is clear, my heart is light.
I had forgotten that I need such strong ties to other women, as a way to settle into the earth, to quiet the fretting, fussing voices in my head.
I feel like I spent a whole week at a spa, going to therapy.
But it was 2 days—
And there were no massages, no pedicures, no facials, no 50 minute couch sessions.
Just smart, insightful, soulful women.

Ok, I think I’m finished with the cheese…

We laughed our asses off.
Did I mention that?
Entirely gone.
6 people have been left with no asses, whatsoever.
And the one boy on the trip and I discovered that we have IDENTICAL taste in men.
We ogled them together and took bets on which of us would have a better chance at getting them.
Some cute old guy made my day, on our first hike—
Asked me to pose in a picture with him so he could mess with his wife.
She was at the bottom of the hike, and had decided not to join him, so he wanted to pretend he had “met someone”….uh…
It was a little odd, but flattering.

So then the case of the disappointing food:
We had heard marvelous things about this restaurant,
But the salads were wrong, and mine had a ROTTEN piece of lettuce in it,
And we never got bread, and our food was really no better than your run of the mill chain restaurant—some of it even worse.
We talked to the manager, and mostly resolved the issue, but we were still entirely unimpressed.
But then we went to a cute little mom & pop diner type place and had dessert (and much obnoxious laughter) and we all felt redeemed.

Also, I am officially participating in National Novel Writing Month, and will post an excerpt at some point.
I posted my rough draft Chant Poem, if you’re interested.
I need to spend more time reading poetry, as our blogger Poet Laureate suggested,
Because I think maybe I could get into this medium…

I’m going to go get busy on my list of chores, and see if I can find my edge again.
(read: see if I can get pissed off enough to write something entertaining)
Missed you all like that zit I popped.

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