Saturday, November 26, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving, Redux

Today was feast number two,
and it was marvelous.
I got to work on my 4 pies around 9:30 this morning,
and we were out the door by 12:30.
That last hour was pure cooking, too...
so, yes, I kick ass in the kitchen.
They were all mouth-watering, too, if I do say so.
we dropped the kids with grandma and had a fabulously wine-y
(as opposed to frighteningly whiney) afternoon.
a langorous and lovely day.
I even scored a new recipe for sweet potato pie,
which I will use on sunday for the stupid dinner I'm throwing for the husband's family.
there will only be 15 of us, which isn't too bad.
and I can't wait to see my sisters-in-law, because we haven't gotten together for a while.
oh, shit.
do NOT let me forget to guy a god damned turkey!!!
fucking hell.
One Thanksgiving dinner without turkey was enough for me.
...hey, the Pilgrims ate lobster!
don't even think about arguing with me.

I'm having a hard time choosing classes for next semester...
I think I'm going to post a list and let you guys vote.
That sounds responsible, doesn't it???
well, you could always go fuck know, just for old time's sake?
or something.
I guess I'm just afraid that I won't have time to write that pesky novel if I take the "wrong" classes.
Next year I'll be fine, since the boys will be in FIRST damn GRADE.
as if you guys care.
really and truly, I beg your pardon for carrying on like this.
It seems I am incapable of making decisions without mulling
and hashing
and debating
and pondering
Just a little joke for my co-former-mormons out there.

Winter is here.
and I think I'm almost ready...
maybe I'll get some skiing in this year.
or maybe I'll just spend a LOT of time in front my fireplace, writing.

sometimes I feel like there are secrets of the universe,
or at least slices of humor,
just lying dormant in my soggy ole head.
but they don't come to the surface.
eh, oh well.

I hope that I am not giving up on my grandest dream.
I hope that instead I am living it...

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