Tuesday, November 22, 2005


oh, precious Tuesday!
how do I love thee?
no, really--
how do I manage to love such a shitty, stressful day??
Because it needs me, that's how.

Class tomorrow.
it's been over a week since I went...
I miss it!

I have nothing to say.
So why am I posting?
I guess I thought I would get the braless thang out of the way first.
but then I realized I don't have a picture ready, and I'm not taking one right now.
don't ask.
I'm just not.

I have other stuff I should be doing.
so I will.

but at least know this:
You can get Cherries in Virgin...

and that makes me giggle.

Ok, Ok, I am going to cop out on you guys again.
here's an old one, but I'll try to get something really creative done for Thursday--
oh, wait...
I guess we're not doing HNT this week, eh?
Maybe I'll post something good sometime, anyway, how 'bout THAT??

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