Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Tuesdays aren't just for braless tom foolery anymore!

...they're also a fucking GREAT excuse for me to not spend any time on a post.

class was awesome today.
we covered The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zepellin.
I was in ecsatsy.

if you're not a hormone-addled boy,
and you would like to read something from me today,
go read the little story I wrote for my homework last night.

and remind me to do all the things I keep forgetting to do.
plan the girls' weekend to Zion, for one.
set up a babysitter for the Shakespeare festival weekend for another.
get the kids to draw "thank you" notes/pictures for Deidra for taking them to the circus.
and more.

in the meantime...
press your lips to my collarbone,
pull me roughly toward you by my hips,
whisper something against my ear,
kiss me so hard I black out.
write me a bad love song.
tell me a funny story, a sad story...
your story.
place my hand on your thigh,
dare me with your eyes.
free me with your greed.

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