Thursday, October 27, 2005

Half-Nekkid Thursday

Or in my case, "Half-awake thursday"
or maybe half-dead thursday...
but it's ok because I think I'm mostly ready for my test.
and who said procrastination wasn't FUN????
wasn't me, that's fer damn sure.
I love it like a fudgsicle on a summer afternoon.
I love it like you loved your first puppy.
(i've never had a puppy. oh except that one my sister had named "Travis" and I was later in love with a travis...weird. Oh, shit, and that sharpe I tried to smuggle into my student apartment which didn't allow pets...that worked well.)
fucking god damn tangent.

That's my half-nekkid knee,
and my totally
naked hand.
I strive for balance 'round here.
Scroll down
if you're needing more skin...


I'm a little tired, if ya hadn't noticed the time stamp.
3 am.
do NOT start singing Matchbox 20.
...not because I don't looooove the Rob Thomas and his dark eyes and, hey I saw him in concert a few years ago,
but because my ears are still ringing.
guess what the half-life is of this game:
HUBBY: I can't hear anything!
ME: What?
HUBBY: I said I can't hear anything!
HUBBY: My ears are ringing, so I can't hear anything!
ME: Yeah, I was a joke...
no, don't actually tell me your guesses.
chances are you'll confuse the fuck out of me, and I'll think you're insulting me.
hey, I'm testy when I don't get any sleep,
AND I get screwed out of the Anthrax I was pining for...
yup, you heard me.
went to the show.
stoooooooooopid girl didn't read up on the ole Anthrax boys before heading out.
APPARENTLY they've reacquired their old singer.
the one they had in the 80s.
who, I'm pretty sure, they froze in 1985 and he was just thawed earlier this week.
CHRIST that was ugly.
and I'm not just talking about his hair...
he sang like...
well, like a poor imitation of Rob Halford (I'll get to him in a minute)
they didn't sing any songs I know.
and my brother in law (whose convertible BMW I am now in sparkly-eyed possession of until further notice/he sobers up and wonders where the FUCK it is) uh...that parenthetical notation was way-too-fucking-long.
forgot my thought train.
or missed it, or derailed or--
just checked my inbox.
god DAMN some people are hot.
oh yeah.
bro-in-law was a little pissed that we told him he would love Anthrax.
yeah....they sucked, man, sorry.
I'm going to have him listen to my favorite tracks.
he'll like them.
because he has good taste in music.
and so do I.
your mom!
fucking shit, hellfire, people, I'm not even drunk.
But I did finish my stydying.
er, most of it.
I wish that word was really spelled that way...
I just remembered it's HNT, so it's possible that a lot of folks who don't "know" me will be passing through.
welcome to my fucking rabbit hole of a head.
(head like a hole??? I'd rather take a nap than give you control...wait, that's not right...)

ok, here's the deal, sparky...
who's sparky?
I'm going to start posting at 3 am every day.
I like the so-many-screws-loose-I'd -fall-apart-if-shaken Me.
she's cool.
or some temperature vaguely close to that.
fucking brain dead-ness of daylight hours.

Oh yeah: Judas Priest.
they put on a great moutehr fucking show
(wow, what word is that??)
I was tired and pre-occupied, though.
wondering if I should go out to the car and study,
wondering if I should join bro-in-law in the floor section to more fully emerse myself in teh show.
fucking SEATS at rock shows.
that's unnatural is what that is.
I even got a bright idea:
buy those fucking dr. scholl's "I'm gellin'!" insoles.
so I could stand there in high heeled boots for 6.3 hours and not want to kill even one single red neck.
yeah, there were a few there, why do you ask??
I love the dear mutants, though.
they make me feel smart and pretty.

everyone bow yuor heads and pray with me--
dear handsome, stylish, smart, funny god:
will you please make sure it doesn't rain tomorrow?
and if it doesn't, will you please whisper into my ear, so softly, instructions on how to open the lid on the Beamer?
Thanks, Man.
you're my best friend.

hey Procrastination?
you've been replaced.
God is now my best friend.

I want you guys to have a good day (and so does my Buddy Christ).
I get to have 4 hours of sleep--what more could a girl ask for???
hey, that's 4 more than I planned on, so what the fuck am I doing still awake???
bite me.
oh yeah, and please don't let me fall asleep while driving (someone else's car) or while taking the test...or before picking kids up from school, but DEFINITELY AFTER.

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