Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Raindrops on Roses...

and whiskers on kittens.

you might be wondering if those are a few of my favorite things.
eh, i suppose.
i mean, not if it's a short list, but possibly in the top twenty or thirty.
hangnails and burned tongues, ehhh, not so much.

so now that you're all caught up on that.

(repost, from feb 25, 2004--hey, I'm late for school, hungry, tired, and just plain fucking ornery. Be glad I found ya a post that does NOT reflect my true mood. kisses--)

just reminded my husband of the whole "making an ass out of u and me" clause associated with assumptions.
he said his boss was meeting with E and Y.
I asked what that was.
he went into this long winded explanation of the fact that they're an actuarial consulting firm and that some companies don't hire actuaries they just contract it out to a consultant and blah blah BLAH.
i'm nearly snoring at this point and he says something about Ernst and Young are blah blah blah.
and i say, 'E and Y???? why didn't you just tell me it stood for Ernst and Young??'
apparently i'm the only person alive who's not on acronym basis with them.
what're the odds?
(hee hee hee hee hee)

so i did it.
i submitted an article to Lick magazine.
i have another one ready to go, but i'll wait for a while.
and i guess i'm not supposed to tell you which one it is, because that's the whole point...
but the updated issue comes out on Sunday, so you should all go read it because there will be a bunch of great posts, as usual.
i love this concept.
it gets me all twittery every time i think of it, all the possibilities for gut spillage--for creativity--for story telling.
sparkles my eye, upturns my lips.

i want to wrap myself in satin and smoke something.
i want to run through a warm rain in my bare feet.
i want to climb a tree, row a boat, ride a horse.
i want to drive a fast car, slow around a curve then bury that needle.
i want to remember to appreciate the easy, happy life i have.
i want to run a marathon.
i want to have time to read thoroughly and enjoy every email, blog post, and milk carton.
i want to sit on the moon and read a book, take a nap.

i am a fountain pouring my thoughts and feelings into the sky as they splash down around me.

good night.
sleep tight.
if you have bed bugs--call the exterminator you cheap bastard.

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