Friday, October 14, 2005

So...I'm supposed to write a post or something?!

I've been slacking off so much this week that I'm not sure I even remember how to do this.
oh, that's right:
discard all rhyme, reason, focus, pertinence and self-censoring.
then start typing.
I guess I can handle that.

I have a little bit of homework to do.
and I finally caught up on my sleep.
and sex.
I'm not sure I was behind on that one, but a little extra sex never hurt.
well, I guess that's not the case, is it?? many possible meanings for that sentence, kinda makes my head spin with jokes and exceptions...
forget I said it.

Yesterday I finally dug out some of my older CDs and I'm getting them ripped onto my computer so I can upload them to my i(mposter)pod.
I figure, I have enough space on there, so I might as well.
the last thing I want is to be wasting hard drive space.
it would be a tragedy.

(is it just me, or is this post downright painful to read??)

I have a writing assignment due today.
one part of the assignment is to overhear a conversation and write it down.
just a page or so, nothing huge.
I don't EVER overhear conversations.
at the gym, I have my headphones on the whole time.
and at my one on-campus class it's pretty hit or miss, whether I'll be sitting near anyone who's talking to someone else.
and that covers it.
If I'm with people any other time, I'm talking TO them.
so of course I left it til the last minute--
it's sorta my trademark.
I'm a HUGE dumbass.
but anyway, I guess I'll just have to give it one last shot at the gym,
then make something up...
will you guys talk, and pretend I'm not here...?

yesterday while I was driving to school, I was stopped at a red light.
I glanced in my rearview mirror,
and just as my smile was spreading from having discovered some eye candy,
dude starts lipsyncing the song on MY radio, "American Woman".
It was surreal.
I mean, obviously it wasn't magic or anything--
he had his radio tuned to the same station I did.
I loved the way it felt to be connected to someone else in the throngs of traffic on a crisp fall morning.
and yeah, it didn't hurt that he was lickable.

I think when the author is tired of the post,
it's time to stop writing.
I'm getting a little frustrated, actually.
I felt like writing a good post today.
and instead, look at this bile that poured out of me.
it's ridiculous.
I can't decide if the cause is that I'm not trying hard enough, or that I'm trying too hard...

but at least Deidra's coming over tonight to download songs.
and that'll be fun.
Mr. husband is starting a project at 5 that might last all night,
so I am glad I have something fun to look forward to.

this is fucking pathetic.
I will write something else later.
I swear it on my last nose hair.

thank the good/bad/ugly lord it's friday, eh???
someone shoot me.
and teach my husband how to pay attention when I'm talking.

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