Saturday, October 08, 2005

It feels like the right time to write another post

so would that make it the write time?
nope, not where I come from.

the heavy grey of this heavy day is pressing down on my shoulders, my spine--
the soles of my feet hurt, from it.
I feel like gravity increased a bit today.
I would smile, but it's hard to lift the corners of my mouth.
It's ok, though, because I'm smiling on the inside.
really, I am--
my cells have lips, those lips smile.
it's kinda freaky...
a genetic mutation.

the evening has almost begun.
babysitter was secured,
friends were not.
a quiet dinner for two...
at the aforementioned "fancy schmancy" joint.
bad news:
I don't have a hell of a lot for clothes I want to wear to a place like that.
god damn housewife status sorta causes a snag in my serenity on occasion.
I have some things that'll do, in fact...
it's not like Salt Lake is a real city.
no one knows anything here.
they all take toddlers to nice restaurants and loud, horror movies.
fucking mor(m)ons.
s'okay, I'll be hot.
er, well...
soon I'll be hot again--
right now I'm more like...
"Hot--with 20% more free!"
what a bargain.

I need to start taking a notebook to the gym.
I have now destroyed two books, from having URGENT ideas while working out,
and writing them on said books.

I better go get the little angels settled before we head out.
have a great night--

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