Friday, October 28, 2005

Housewife: Fully Rested

This is a beautiful thing.
Now, if only I could go around and retract the innumerable, crazy-girl comments I left yesterday...
ok, so I had a few moment of lucidity (no, not silent),
but I have vague and foggy recollections that make me cringe.
but cringing is half the fun.
or half the battle...?
(shut up, G.I. Joe--that's "knowing" not "cringing")

I think that not only should "half day" Kindergarten by OUTLAWED,
but god damn motherfucking "early out" Fridays should be burned at the stake.
guess what that means?
it means that my normally way-too-short 3 hours is cut down to TWO.
What the FUCK can you get done in two hours???
not much, I tell you what.
* dash off a quick post,
* take a quick shower,
* hurry to gym for trainer abuse
(said with a smile cuz I love to be pushed), and
* pick up kids.
I might even have time for a quick stop at the library
(if our stupid ass library opened before TEN. Or the kids' school last beyond 10:15)

ok, so it's a mild concern.
but, shit, ranting's kinda fun...

I had some thougths about silly putty yesterday...
something to the effect of: my brain felt like silly putty, and not just because I'm silly and absorb newsprint like a rubber stamp...
and it was true.

It's strange to think of how my relationship with this blog has changed over the years.
Fridays used to be for fantasies...
I'm almost never in the mood to write one anymore, though.
and I'm not sure why.
something tells me it's a subconscious fear.
I had a really bad case of food poisoning from TGIFridays once and--
ok, no I didn't.
and I'm hungry.
and I almost never have the peace and quiet required to sink into a fantasy.
eh, I just learned that wanting things can be pushed to an unsafe degree, that's all.
because when I want consumes me.
wow, I'm awfully serious for this time of the day.
hell, it's still dark outside!
(partly due to the rain)

I better go eat something and get to the gym.

If I can find the duct tape,
I'll be back later to write something that might
be worth reading.
but don't hold your breath.
(unless you're going under water, or the dude in the next cube has a habit of too few showers + too many burittos)

;aoijagojat;tlsdkmf{s0vzox;v,sal;gja;sdghadapoiawp3et to you.

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