Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Braless Tuesday

Yeah, it's that time of the week again.
So the big question seems to be:
Quite simply, because Tuesday didn't have a "thing".
Mondays suck
Wednesay is hump day
Thursday is almost friday
Friday is the beginning of the weekend...
Tuesdays are invisble--like wallflowers, not superheroes or ghosts.
Tuesdays are the last kid to get picked for the kick ball team.
Tuesdays are the fat free cookies that taste FAT FREE.
Tuesdays are ugly and smelly--
like that pair of shoes in the back of your closet.
(ok, fine, some of you are probably wearing that pair...)
No one Thanked God for Tuesdays before this little venture, I tell ya what.
I decided to add a little sparkle to MY Tuesdays.
By walking around with a little secret.
by being extra comfortable all day.
by wondering if anyone actually notices that I'm without a bra--
and if so, what do they think.
I hope they're scornful...
I hope they're jealous of my freedom and inspired to follow suit.
I got bullied into posting proof.
(yes, I'm snickering at that thought...an exhibitionist doesn't get bullied into flashing, right??)
so here we are.
the evolution of a phenomenon.
(or something.)

perhaps a little less conversation, a little more action...?
you think?
what, like right now???
ok, ok...
I'll choose a picture.

shit, it looks like all the pictures I took today were for Half Nekkid Thursday...
I guess...
this is close enough.

I am sans brasiere, after all.
I'm sans anything but a bandana, frankly.
(is it weird that I use that word so much, considering I lost my virginity to a guy named "Frank"?)

Happy Braless Tuesday, kids.
don't poke an eye out.

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