Thursday, October 06, 2005

Half-Nekkid Thursday/Breast Cancer Awareness

Half-Nekkid Thursday/Breast Cancer Awareness

What a fiiiine combination that is, eh?
it's half-nekkid thursday,
and with all this focus on breasts...
I thought I could give you "ass men" a little something to tide you over.
yes, this picture was posted on buzznet many moons (HA!!) ago, but(t) I believe it still packs a punch...
scratch that.
(no, not THAT.)
I found a different one in the folder that I like better...
for the buzznet one, go here.

this one actually makes me look like a have an arse.
Sadly, it is an optical illusion.
next week, I'm posting a picture of my god damn knee.
too much sexiness!!
there's never too much sexiness.
but I have definitely filled my quota here.


Help Fight Breast Cancer the old fashioned way!

yes, that's right.
fight breast cancer by donating $50 or more so you can see my entirely exposed, in-the-shower, breasts.
(as well as all the other fabulous fully nude photos!!)
I'll take Lily's lead--
if you show me proof of any donation, I'll tell you which one's mine
send you another picture of questionable nature.

exploiting men's (entirely adorable) lustfullness makes me feel all warm and fuzzy--
if it's for a good cause.

I just submitted them, so they probably won't be up until later tonight or tomorrow...
I'll let ya know when I see them.
They're up.
and I submitted more...
it's rather addictive.

come on...
you know you want to...

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