Thursday, October 13, 2005

Because my mouth is dry from talking...

You get a post from approximately one year ago:

so i'm sitting here, listening to some tunes.
some wonderful tunes.
weekends make me think--
i need to take some serious time out and just breathe.
breathing is harder than it sounds.
okay, not really, but that sounded cool.
not cool like Kerouac, or cool like Cobain, or cool like Kennedy.
cool like...
water running over dark smooth rocks...
moss covering the banks, sun sneaking through rustling leaves...
a carpet of wet leaves, pine needles, frost covered grass.
i wanna go home.
i have this strange feeling that i could be a better writer there.
stooooopid thought.
all i need is a laptop to be a writer.
there's something about living in a conformist's paradise that is rather hellish on one's creativity.
or maybe not.
maybe it's just what i need, to force me to be different.
yeah, that's more like it.
...over the rainbow, way up high...
(still have my tunes running...)
anyway, i should stop dwelling on it.
i should just be thankful my parents are in good enough health that i'm not needed.
but i did ask my mom if she wouldn't mind just breaking her ankle or something.
so i would be NEEDED, for god's sake.
she was willing, cutely enough.
or maybe i can just swing some sort of weekend trip.
like a normal person.
i think i have delusions of grandeur.
or maybe, once again, i just like the sound of that.
...but doesn't that prove it?
ah, nevermind.

sleight of hand and twist of fate...

sometimes i wonder.
actually, most of the time i'm not talking, i spend wondering...
wondering and wandering, in my head.
needing and wanting and wishing and dreaming.
appreciating what i have?
only if you remind me...
fucking brat.

you know...
sometimes i am confused.
sometimes i am apathetic.
sometimes i am inspired.
sometimes i am a little bit country...
and i'm ALWAYS a little bit rock n' roll.

over and out.

Oh yeah...and it's half nekkid thursday...

have a happy one, darlings--

(this picture is my penance for last week's skank-fest...sorry guys.)

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