Monday, October 03, 2005

monday ruddy monday

I slept too long and now my whole day is lost in a fog.
Put the kids on the bus, then went back to bed…
“for a minute.”
Which turned into 3 hours.
It was a luxury, that’s for sure.
I prefer outer fog to inner fog.
I like fog that encounters my eyes, and settles on my skin.
I like fog that destroys visibility on winding dark roads…in Maine.
I hate anything and everything that causes a fog to settle behind my eyes and beyond.
Spiraling deep inside my thought cavern.
I will shake it off with a trip to the gym.
…either that or I’ll end up doing everything in slow motion and getting a whole different set of stares.
On the stairs…

I didn’t help matters by taking a long soak in a lavender filled tub,
Reading some short stories for class.
Well, one of them was assigned, the rest of them just sorta…
Lined up, all eager-like.
Ready to be read(y).
I’m not so great at saying no.
So I didn’t.
And they were beautiful.

I wish I could wake up.
Maybe I shouldn’t go to the gym…
I might fall asleep at the wheel.
Probably I should finish up my homework,
And start dinner.
Or just take a nap…

I should have some Red Bull or something.
I wonder if it still gives you wings, if you already have them.
I wonder if, instead, it would stretch them from dormancy to flight…

I’m glad my husband isn’t answering my son’s calls.
Because now I get to listen to him have a meltdown “he’s not answering his phone!” over
And over
And over.

But maybe it’ll clear the fog.

Happy frickin Monday.
I love you all.

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