Saturday, October 22, 2005

Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll

one of these things does not belong.
that would be "drugs", unless you count alcohol, which I sorta think you should.
you almost got a VERY drunk post last night--
I was barely coherant, but still thinking of you.
I couldn't quite manage to ask my husband to log in to his computer for me, though, and since his laptop's a work machine, he won't give me the password,
and therefore, I was unable to post.
it's as good an excuse as any, right?

it's possible that I just bought a fur coat from an antique/consignment store, here in small town Utah for $15.
How cool is that???
and yes, I'll post a picture.
I also tried on a gorgeous camel-hair coat, but it was too small.

I am have having some pre-dinner drinks right now, but have not yet even approached the "buzzed" point.
so sorry.
I'll try again later.

and now my friend is asking me all about blogging--
so I'm explaining it all to her,
and will now show her the site.
don't anybody say anything...
be vewy vewy quiet...
I'm hoping she won't notice all the nudity...

miss you, later--

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